We are committed to the environment; we take care of the fertility of the land with 100% manual labor, without chemicals, we plant the maguey espadín used. This is why we are always able to offer a good product. Within the maguey fields we offer space for the family to harvest their own food. The work days are adapted to their lives and we make sure that they have enough economic solvency.
Guajako “The God of Mezcal” represents the whole environment of mezcal making, from the earth, fire, to the sun that nourishes the agaves.
It is a lifestyle with which you can develop a myriad of different flavors to know how to distinguish the difference of each one and what is special about them.


“Guajako” was born from the inspiration of the artist Jaime Ruiz together with the mezcal master Raúl Parada, both with the desire to capture and represent the art, culture and spirit of Oaxaca in such an emblematic beverage as mezcal.
Seeking to dignify and give a new meaning to being “Guajako” and feel proud.